what they say

this is a few of the fantastic feedbacks I’ve had over the past year – thank you so much to all the lovely people I’ve got to photograph! (I have translated some of them from Danish to English)

{ Marie, we’ve just looked through all the photos you took of Evan last week. They are AMAZING, we are so thrilled with them! Thank you SO much! 🙂 }

{ Hej Marie
I am soooo happy……I LOVE all the photos!
A million thanks for some absolutely wonderful images that i will appreciate for ever
Kærlig hilsen
Estella }

{ Hej Marie.

If I write you 5 pages filled with praise for your work with our photos – it wouldn’t be enough. We’ve had a couple days were we’ve just been filled with the joy your images has given us. Everyone loves them and says how wonderful they are – we’ve shown them to friends, colleagues and family. And this is just the few ones shown on your blog. I haven’t even had a chance to look at the full gallery but just cant wait!

You are great because you’ve found a great style that is very special and everyone loves. But you are also great because you SEE. You spot the right motives from the right angles. But lastly, you are great because you’ve got a fantastic personality which you use when you are with clients. You get the best out of us! It was such a great experience to have you come to your cottage that Saturday morning.
Love from your biggest fans,

Tobias, Alberte, John; Teresa }

{ I first saw your pictures when you photographed my sister-in-law’s family.. and I loved them! I had to book my own family in strait away.
Whne you arrived at the farm, my whole family and I instantly felt relaxed and ready. We went for a walk through the woods and it just felt natural that you were there with us – taking photos of the trip. It was a very different approach to what we had tried previously (studio) and it made the photos much more relaxed and ‘magic’. You were able to capture those little moment, the looks, that makes us -us, but also the connection and love between us all in the family.
I cant describe how pleased I am, having chosen you to take our photos – you’ve given us a memory that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives. }

{ We are very pleased with the photos – they are super fab – just what we were after – fab:) }
Mhv. Pernille og Martin

{ we got the pictures – they are brilliant i love them – thank you so much again!!!!! 🙂 🙂 }


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