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Week 19

First week back in Cardiff after all the holidays. And it was tough on us all! Playing catch up and learning that when we are home we don’t go to theme parks on a regular basis…
But it’s nice to come back to all the toys and the fields behind the house! -even if it means a few a scraped knees:)







Week 18 [personal]

Better try catch up a bit in this project:)

For week 18, we came back from Florida, was home for 2 nights and then off to Denmark for my mum’s 60th birthday! It was hard. Very hard. Not only was I working the day job Monday and Tuesday so the boy was in nursery but we were struggling with jet lag and the poor little man couldn’t work out WHERE in the world he was… But it was totally worth it:)

We had SUCH a lovely time! Tobias played with his cousin who is exactly 9months younger than him and they were racing around in their little cars and running around in my mum and dad’s amazing garden.

We got to meet the newest family member -my brothers little girl, Line, who is tiny and cute and had lots of cuddles from me and lots of head stroking from Tobias.

It was great to see the family again (as always) and the birthday party went really well:)

Tobias had the nursery bear ‘Barneby Bear’ for the weekend which was ‘great’ as we had to find space in the suitcase for him and his clothes too;)

{Tobias 2 years 7 months 5 days}

























Week 16 [52 weeks]

This week it’s been week1 of our epic 2 week Orlando holiday. I’ve never been before – used to live in the US so been lots of other places, but never Orlando. We’ve done 7 parks in as many days and it’s SO HOT here -my Scandinavian genes can’t cope:)
(but still very happy to be avoiding the rubbish current British weather!)

But the boy is LOVING it. He’s so much like his dad. Fast rides and lots of water play! It’s great that he’s tall for his age, as it’s taking him just over the minimum hight restrictions for the kiddie rides:)

He’s seen his favourite Disney characters, seen the killer whales, been riding roller coasters, sung with Barney (what an annoying dude!!) and been on water slides “all on my own mummy!”.

Not sure how much he’ll remember after but right here, right now, he’s having a great time!

Here’s some instagram photos of our past week.

{Tobias 2 years, 6 months, 14 days}


















Eb+Dave {married} preview

OMG – just HAD to share this!

It’s very rough, very few, and very early but here’s a couple of shots from yesterdays wedding in beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside!

Will post the full story when I’ve got more photos to show;) But for now, here’s to the new Mr and Mrs Williams! x


Ali + Ben {married}

This was my first wedding of 2012. And it was a beauty! Amazing people, amazing church, amazing venue. The only thing that was not amazing; was the weather! Hard core rain all. day. long. But Ali and Ben was great and not afraid of getting the wellies and umbrellas out:)

We started with the girls getting ready at a relative’s house in Clifton, Bristol. It was a relaxed morning with the most calm bride I’ve ever seen, and the wonderful Ellie Jones (cardiff) did the girls hair while they got ready.

We then got off to the grand Woodlands Church in Clifton where Ben was waiting. It was a lovely and funny ceremony by Pastor Nigel Savage.
After a few shots at the church it was off across the Somerset country side to the beautiful Coombe Lodge in Bagdon.

We managed a few rainy shots outside but had to make a run for it when turned torrential!

It was such a beautiful day and I’m so grateful for Ali and Ben to have chosen me as their photographer.
I know they’ll have a wonderful life together:)

Here’s a few of the photos from the day while i finish of the rest for them. Hope you’ll like them:)



a little bit of spring


it’s the 23rd of March and today we had a very unusual 18 degrees Celsius! I took a walk down to my new little village and met some of the lovely local shop owners that i hope to be doing business with one day. I also found an amazing tree. I realise a lot of people are taking pictures of the blossom but this is my take. I even did a little practice run of a ‘ring shoot’ with my own lovely rings in preparation for the first wedding of the season tomorrow! 🙂

a portrait of Anna

This is Anna – I photographed her when I was in Denmark the other weekend. I love it when i get to do shoots when I’m at home!
Anna is about to confirm her Christian belief – it’s a big traditional thing in Denmark when you are around 13-15 years old. It’s all about stepping into adulthood, making this decision for your self and celebrating with a big party with the whole family.

Her mum thought it’d be a great idea to have a few photos taken of Anna and use them for the invites for the party and i couldn’t agree more;)

Anna was a lovely girl – slightly nervous with the whole situation, but most people are and we somehow seam to get past it every time and she was really looking forward to the big day:)

I’m quite pleased with the shots. It was such a bright winter day and I was very nervous that the contrasts would be too hard to get any decent shots.
I had chosen this location, Vester mølle (an old water mill – now restaurant and meeting rooms), but I hadn’t actually been there for about 15 years and it had changed A LOT – for luckily for the better;) The little wooden hut that was SO beautifully decorated was the icing on the cake. This location would be an excellent wedding venue and I’d just LOVE to go back and shoot a wedding there (any takers?:))

Hope you will all enjoy the photos of Anna


Week 8 (52)

uhhhhh this one is so late…
I did actually manage to take this weeks photos right on time but I was of back to Denmark over the weekend so ‘lost’ 4 days last week.

We went back to out great local forest – I hope we will keep doing this as its so great to see him explore out in the nature! His biggest problem on this trip though, was that some trees had fallen down (as old trees do!) so throughout the whole walk he kept saying “oh no! tree fell down!”…a lot(!)
But we also said hello to the trees, touched them and climbed them a bit – as he said “mummy, Im good at climbing trees”

Not sure we’ll ever get to see any wild life as he dont really get the whole ting about being quiet yet, but we did see mole hills. His favorite cartoon has recently been about a mole so he was excited to see them…so much that he felt he had to walk to each and everyone one of them to say “Hello Mr Mole – are you home?”

When we got home he had a little snack to recoup his energy and then it was out in the garden to play – loving the days with warmer weather!

{Tobias 2 years, 4 months, 18 days}