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So, im really sorry mr WordPress but I’m currently trying out Blogger!
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flower love

I dont really know anything at all about flowers but there’s this one flower in my garden that’s just beautiful! Its a bit wobbly and all alone but its just so pretty!

[and now that i had the camera out i snapped a few other flowers hanging around the garden too]


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Did you see this one?? It’s the beautiful Fliss and Steve and there’s a little preview album on facebook here. x


Ollie+Rachel [engaged]

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Here’s Ollie and Rachel and they are lovey! Not only because they are bringing me to blooming Ireland in May for their wedding but also because they truly enjoyable to be around and fabulous to shoot:)
They came down to Cardiff for me to take their engagement shoot and we chose to do it my little part of town called Rhiwbina. We had coffee in the wonderful Snails Deli and then took a little wander around the village.

I was great to do something not baby-related and its made me even more excited for their wedding in May!

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me and my kids {a maternity shoot}


So, its almost time. And we are all very excited! This is the boy and the bump at almost 38 weeks. Never include my self in my photographs but have challenged my self to try harder this year. So here’s the first of hopefully many ‘me and my kids’ and its my very own maternity shoot; of me, by me:)







Snow day = Pirate day



Its been snowing A LOT here in Cardiff – which is very unusual… so schools have been closed all around and we’ve had to come up with home activities. A big part of today the boy was a Pirate. And i took a lot of photos:)
















The big boy

We are all waiting… and waiting! only two weeks to go now till we’ll be a family of 4 but in the mean time the big boy has started nursery school – and wait for it; he actually loves it! No more teary mornings dropping him off to the private nursery.. now its just fun filled afternoons:) Oh! and then he’s had a haircut, so all in all, a good time to stop and take a few snaps of him before it all changes – again.

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Jess+Tim wedding

yes yes, i know, it’s been more than a while(!) but what better way to get back into the blogging by showing you my last wedding of the year. It’s Jess and Tim, everyone!

Jess and Time got married at St Mary’s Church in the old St Fagans and then had their reception at Pencoed House – a dream of a venue with ton of charm and photo opportunities as well as really friendly staff.

The day was a crisp and bright, late September day and there were a great excitement not alone for the wedding to be but also for the party that would follow:)

Here’s a little pre-view of the day:

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week 21

its week 21 and its getting pretty hard to keep finding new ways of photographing the boy! (but guess that’s the whole point – so that i push my self to find new ways to photograph!)

In week 21 the boy decided to act his age – ie. join the ‘terrible twos’! There has been many arguments this week and lots of wanting to shout and scream at him…but then i called my mum instead;) “just keep strong, keep showing him you are the boss” and by the end of the week it was much better… i may have won the battle, but im sure the war is not over yet.

So this week I tried to have a few activities inbetween where we could calm down and do something he really enjoys – like water play in the sink:)

We also started potty training (on the happy days!) and so far its ok…. i’ve only taken his nappy of when at home and not pushing him too much as he’s still not totally aware when things are happening but im easing him into it.

Sunday afternoon, though, I just needed to get him out of the house(!) so we met with a couple of friends in the park for a walk and cake – good finish to the week:)


{Tobias 2 years 7 months 28 days}

week 20

So im almost up to date now on this little project:) I’ve also got a little new baby and a beautiful registry office wedding to share(!)

For this week it was all about getting back to a normal routine. The weather was lovely so one night we went forĀ  a little walk before bedtime – LOVE THE LIGHT:) There was also a naked day. On his behalf – not mine! It was great as it meant he did really well on the potty (too much info but im a proud mummy!)

The weekend was kicked in with his very first sleepover. Connie (his very best friend from the day they were born – only 5 days apart) It went really well even though Tobias was a bit ill and spend the most of the time sleeping, but when he was awake they did really well:) There’ll hopefully be lots more to come!