flower love

I dont really know anything at all about flowers but there’s this one flower in my garden that’s just beautiful! Its a bit wobbly and all alone but its just so pretty!

[and now that i had the camera out i snapped a few other flowers hanging around the garden too]


the flower4the flowerthe flower5the flower2the flower3the flower6the flower7the flower8the flower9


a little bit of spring


it’s the 23rd of March and today we had a very unusual 18 degrees Celsius! I took a walk down to my new little village and met some of the lovely local shop owners that i hope to be doing business with one day. I also found an amazing tree. I realise a lot of people are taking pictures of the blossom but this is my take. I even did a little practice run of a ‘ring shoot’ with my own lovely rings in preparation for the first wedding of the season tomorrow! 🙂