week 13 {52 weeks}

At week 13 Tobias had a shower. Not just a bath – a shower. He’s always been really scared of them and didnt want the water on his face, but this time; he loved it.
He stood there for ages, mesmorised, just letting the warm water run through his hair and down over his face. Needless to say that his nappy what gi-normous in the morning as he’d been drinking half the shower!

Its also is/been Easter –  As I was shooting a wedding on Easter Monday, we did Easter on the Saturday with his grandparents. And lots of chocolate! He’d had en Easter-party in nursery on the Wednesday where they had to bring a hat so it came back out again for the egg hunt in the garden – the boy loves a good hat(!).

{Tobias 2 years, 5 months, 24 days}


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