Week number 12 (project 52)

This week we went had our first trip of the year to one of the boys favorite places – Cefn Mably Farm Park! Tobias really loves animals and he has always been so relaxed with them – but more importantly, to my great pleasure, he is ever so gently with them. He respects them and goes right of to them -face to face- and says “hello?!” On this little farm ha can walk around and feed all the animals and sit and stroke and brush guinea pigs and rabbits. They also have old tractors that he can pretend to drive – any 2 year old boys dream:)

BUT the high light of this trip was his very first pony ride. He often gallops around the house on my broom and he had been chatting to the horses all morning there, so i decided to give it a go – didnt think he’d go for it! He often gets too shy to do the things he really wants to, so i took it in steps.

1. put on the helmet 2.actually get on the pony 3.let it walk with him on it and he did it all! proud mommy:) He had such a tense face the whole time and didnt say a word…but as soon as it was finished and he was down he was jumping up and down with his arms in the air and galloping around:)

Slight update on the sleep front – I was happy to announce last week that he was sleeping through the night in his own bed (!) but then British Summer Time hit us..oh horror what a week we’ve had! But I tried to keep to the plan with no nap and then finally, last night he slept through again till 6.30…PLEASE keep at it boy!!

{Tobias 2 years, 5 months, 17 days}


One thought on “Week number 12 (project 52)

  1. I love your 52 project! It is so neat to see how the photos of your kiddo can hold so much meaning. And what a great memory your making! Thanks for inspiring some ideas for my own kiddos:)

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