week 11 (52)

So because spring has officially arrived (see previous post) I’ve been taking quite a few pictures of Tobias this week(!) so will post a second bonus set in a few day so stay tuned;)

It feels like we are spending every waken moment outside and Im loving it – and so is Tobias! Even the days he is in nursery its strait out in the garden to play when we get home – and its kicking and screaming when he has to finally come in.

This week he has also changed his sleep pattern.. *drum roll please* my 2 year old finally sleep through the night!:) There’s been no getting up at 4-5am coming into our bed wriggling, putting his fingers into our mouths (dont even ask) and worst of all, demanding his baby bottle of milk. He’s cut out his midday nap and been sleeping till 7am – though often on the floor.. all the suddenly he keeps falling out of the bed!

{Tobias 2 years, 5 months, 10 days}


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