a portrait of Anna

This is Anna – I photographed her when I was in Denmark the other weekend. I love it when i get to do shoots when I’m at home!
Anna is about to confirm her Christian belief – it’s a big traditional thing in Denmark when you are around 13-15 years old. It’s all about stepping into adulthood, making this decision for your self and celebrating with a big party with the whole family.

Her mum thought it’d be a great idea to have a few photos taken of Anna and use them for the invites for the party and i couldn’t agree more;)

Anna was a lovely girl – slightly nervous with the whole situation, but most people are and we somehow seam to get past it every time and she was really looking forward to the big day:)

I’m quite pleased with the shots. It was such a bright winter day and I was very nervous that the contrasts would be too hard to get any decent shots.
I had chosen this location, Vester mølle (an old water mill – now restaurant and meeting rooms), but I hadn’t actually been there for about 15 years and it had changed A LOT – for luckily for the better;) The little wooden hut that was SO beautifully decorated was the icing on the cake. This location would be an excellent wedding venue and I’d just LOVE to go back and shoot a wedding there (any takers?:))

Hope you will all enjoy the photos of Anna



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