Week 8 (52)

uhhhhh this one is so late…
I did actually manage to take this weeks photos right on time but I was of back to Denmark over the weekend so ‘lost’ 4 days last week.

We went back to out great local forest – I hope we will keep doing this as its so great to see him explore out in the nature! His biggest problem on this trip though, was that some trees had fallen down (as old trees do!) so throughout the whole walk he kept saying “oh no! tree fell down!”…a lot(!)
But we also said hello to the trees, touched them and climbed them a bit – as he said “mummy, Im good at climbing trees”

Not sure we’ll ever get to see any wild life as he dont really get the whole ting about being quiet yet, but we did see mole hills. His favorite cartoon has recently been about a mole so he was excited to see them…so much that he felt he had to walk to each and everyone one of them to say “Hello Mr Mole – are you home?”

When we got home he had a little snack to recoup his energy and then it was out in the garden to play – loving the days with warmer weather!

{Tobias 2 years, 4 months, 18 days}


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