’52’ week 7

This week he has been back to his cheeky happy self so we’ve been having playdates and enjoyed the sun (when it finally hit Wales)

It’s so great to see the benefits of having moved to a house with a garden where Tobias can run free. We feed the birds with old bread; he picks the bread to pieces and throws it on the lawn shouting(!) “Co’mon birds!!!!! Eat my bread!!!!!” so no birds actually come when he’s in the garden;) Though today a bird braved it to our chimney and had a mouth-full from the boy: “Naughty birdy! Get down my chimney!!!!!” … so we tend to look at the birds from the window.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a fun-filled day. In the morning there was a parcel from Mormor (my mum) from Denmark with a new Rabbit which he loves so much that it hasnt been put down yet! My mum is fab with the old yarn and always makes great things for Tobias – including the jumper he is wearing. You can check out her blog here to see some of her goodies. Then we went to a birthday party (YEY!) where he had lots of fun with his friends. Then after having refused his nap (too much chocolate…!) we got his bike out from the garage and took it for a spin. He still wasnt ready to throw in the towel so he went on to do some gardening… and i couldnt get him to come in when the sun went away and it was getting cold:) Great with so much fresh air.

This morning we went for a really nice forest walk just up from our house. I grew up in a big forest and have a thing for trees(!) and it was just great to walk in the mud and play hide-and-seek behind the trees.

All in all – its been a happy week.

{Tobias 2 years, 4 months, 11 days}


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