week 5 (project 52)

He is currently sleeping on my lap because he’s ill. He’s all pasty (more than usual) and has both snot and dribble running out in my lap. Nice.
So its nice to look back to Wednesday where it was all a bit more fun and games!
We had one of our tumbling games on the sofa and he was just too funny not to try get a picture out of him. He was getting all hyped up about his first trip with ‘big boy nursery’ the next day where, not alone were they going out…they were writing a shopping list, they were going on the ‘tutu train’, he was going to hold his best friend’s hand, he was going into town, he was going shopping and then BACK on the train again!

Thursday came and the first thing he said when waking up was – not “MORNING TIME!!” as usual – but “TRIIIIIP!” and the day was a success:)

{TOBIAS 2 year, 3 months, 27 days old}


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