im late again! project 52 week 4

Last week was one of the hard ones again and I just havent spend enough time photographing the boy:(


Here’s a few snaps of the boys – some taken with the Instagram app (re-found my love for this!) and some taken with my SLR camera

We made some chocolate cookies this week and I taught him to lick the spoon didnt take much convincing!

Checking on the progress!

He loves the space we’ve got in the new house and this week we found his Wheely Bug and now he cant walk anywhere in the house; he has to drive on the bee!

…and then the good times comes when he falls asleep:) He’s getting to a point where he dosent always think he needs it anymore but if he goes without he get’s REALLY grumpy in the evenings(!) so a little push in the pram normally sends him off.

{TOBIAS 2 year, 3 months, 21 days old}


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