’52 weeks’ week 4

YEY my weekly post done within the right week for once!:)

This week Tobias had his second haircut (ever!) He didnt really have any hair till he was a year and a half so this is a big thing for me:) But dont he just look smart?!


If i pop out of his room he has always started some game by the time i get back – this boy has a VERY good imagination!
At the moment there’s lots of role play copying what I do, and this time all the teddies had to have their nappies changed and then off to bed:)


Tobias is also very into shadows at the moment and love making crocodiles – snap snap snap!



I think he really does love his new room where he has so much more space and can easier get to his books. Again, I only popped out of his room for 2 sec and when i came back in he was deeply engaged in one of his Danish books he had for Christmas:)



..even big boys can find it hard to reach everything.


{TOBIAS 2 year, 3 months, 14 days old}


One thought on “’52 weeks’ week 4

  1. He looks gorgeous with his hair cut! Love the shadow pictures. It’s great that he engages in role play or looking at books when you leave the room. My daughter who is his age is doing a lot of this looking through books at the moment too.

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