im being rubbish!

Hello all,

as the header states – its official; im being really rubbish at the moment! The last 3 months has been so crazy and I dont know where they’ve gone. Its all a mix of getting lots more photography work (YEY!!), day-job being really busy, birthdays, weddings and to top it off we are in the progress of buying a new house and its so not going to plan:( its taking SO long and its such a frustrating process.

And now its the first of December. We are still not in the house and instead of celebrating the season with my son by decorating we are packing boxes and stressing about the house. Rubbish.

BUT there has been a little time to take a few pictures and with this (rant!) post im sharing my first shot into a new territory of class-photography.
I used to take my son to an amazing class called Tots Play here in Cardiff. Its a great development class for babies and toddlers and my son LOVED it:) The lovely Helen asked if I’d be interested in photos for the parents to order from and I was happy to:) Here’s the results:












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