Well hello there…

Ok, first post so be kind!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing lovely Evan. I’ve know Evan since birth and he’s an awesome little dude:)

Unfortunately, yesterday he had a really bad case of teething so didn’t get that many happy smiles out of him, so will come around again in a weeks time to shot a little more…. these things happens so we’ll just roll with it:)

Here’s a taster of what I’ve edited so far



5 thoughts on “Well hello there…

  1. More gorgeous photos Marie. If anyone is thinking of getting any baby/toddler/family photos done then Marie is the girl to do them! She’s great at capturing very natural images and making it a fun experience for all. Highly recommended!

  2. Marie – I’m very honoured that Evan is the feature of your first post on this blog! 🙂 We LOVE these two photos of our special little boy and can’t wait to see some more. Thanks for being so patient and flexible during the photo shoot yesterday!

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